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TSFD: retraining the body

These strategies are in no order of importance.
The body

Important Disclaimer
Please note that these ideas are a result of my own thinking and what I have learned about my own Task Specific Focal Dystonia.
The process of thinking about and understanding  TSFD is by no means finished. By extension, these strategies are an unfinished work and will [...]

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How to practise

Do you stay in your safe zone when practising?
“The essence of deliberate practice is continually stretching an individual just beyond his or her current abilities. That may sound obvious, but most of us don’t do it in the activities we think of as practice.

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elementary – soleá 3

Here is the final installment of our soleá. There are four rasgueado exercises that form the basic soleá rasgueados. More details about these are given in the newly updated rasgueado page.You can download the pdf here:
At the top of the page I have shown some simple chords that are most often used for this [...]

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elementary – rhythmic structures of the main palos

How can you start learning the rhythmic forms of flamenco?
Start counting. Count the beats out loud, or in your head. Do it in any language you like, the idea is to start to develop a feel for the accents sub-consciously. It will help if you tap your foot, click your fingers or tap your knuckles [...]

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Practice: warm up, practice and study

Warming up is making the joints, tendons and muscles of the fingers and hands ready to play. Use exercises that strengthen and make supple your fingers and hands to avoid injury (tendonitis).
A simple rubbing and stretching of our hands is enough to begin to achieve this aim. After this, short studies of scales, arpeggios, rasgueos [...]

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Practice: introduction

Learning how to study the guitar is as important as learning to play given that we will only ever play what we practice. If we don’t practice well, we will never play well. For this reason it is important to learn how to practice: defining what we want to achieve and knowing how we [...]

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