TSFD: retraining the body

These strategies are in no order of importance.

The body

Important Disclaimer

Please note that these ideas are a result of my own thinking and what I have learned about my own Task Specific Focal Dystonia.

The process of thinking about and understanding  TSFD is by no means finished. By extension, these strategies are an unfinished work and will be revisited and amended in the future.

They are, however, my current strategies and I believe that they work for me. That does not mean that these strategies will work for you, despite the imperatives.

The aim of this post is to help me clarify my own thinking and express it in words.

  • Observe all of the movements that you make. How aware are you of your own movements? I once heard an Internationally famous musician described as a “genius of movement” as opposed to a genius of music. That way of thinking taught me a lot.
  • Learn and learn very carefully what minimal force really means. Apply it all day long to every activity.
  • Study Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais Technique. Take lessons if there is a qualified practitioner in your area.
  • Learn about bio-mechanics.
  • Feel and internalise thoroughly the sensations of playing properly.
  • Don’t run before you can walk. In other words, don’t try to develop too quickly.
  • Do some body mapping. See the link in the references for “pianomap.com”.
  • Focus on the totality of your body not just the part affected by dystonia.
  • Get help from those who really know about Focal Dystonia. Good people are Dr. Joaquin Farias and Joaquin Fabra.

References for the TSFD retraining series.

Conversations with Dr. Joaquin Farias







Scott Tennant DVD & book: Pumping Nylon

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