Discovering Task Specific Focal Dystonia

In eight hours of one to one seminars I learned more about me and my music playing than in thirty years of actually playing. And some of those thirty years were as a professional musician.

Before my visit, I knew that there was something wrong. I was practising morning and evening. I was concentrating on relaxation, breathing and good posture. I was working out new exercises. I promised visitors to this site that with patience and a relaxed but methodical approach all can be accomplished. Despite saying these encouraging words, my own playing was getting worse. And worse. Until despite my best efforts I cold not play. When I realised that my middle finger would curl inwards until it touched my palm even while picking up the guitar I know I had a problem that was more than a technical problem. Finally, a name was given to my problem by a guitarist at the Maria Rita Ipek Conservatory in Izmir, Turkey.

I did as the man suggested and googled Focal Dystonia to death. I was reading night after night after night. I watched all the Dave Scragg videos:

I watched all of these videos several times. You can see all his documentary videos (some 20 of them) on his YouTube channel.

I decided that I was not going to be defeated by FD. Especially after watching this:

and the second part:

A visit to this post on the Forum Italiano della Chitarra Classica led me to the site belonging to Joaquin Farias:

The next post will deal with my sessions with Dr. Farias.

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