Writing sub skills

1. Manipulating the script of the language: handwriting, spelling and punctuation.

2. Expressing grammatical [syntactic and morphological] relationships at the sentence level.

3. Expressing relationships between parts of a written text through cohesive devices [especially through grammatical devices such as noun-pronoun reference].

4. Using markers in written discourse, in particular:

  • introducing an idea
  • developing an idea
  • transition to another idea
  • concluding an idea
  • emphasising a point [and indicating main or important information]
  • explaining or clarifying a point already made
  • anticipating an objection or contrary view

5. Expressing the communicative function of written sentences:

  • using explicit markers
  • without using explicit markers

6. Expressing information or knowledge in writing:

  • explicitly
  • implicitly

7. Expressing conceptual meaning

8. Planning and organising written information in expository language

  • narrative
  • straight description of phenomena or ideas
  • descriptions of process or change of state
  • argument
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    very useful for me as a language teacher. Excellent classification

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    its useful for me as i m an elt student.thank u so much.

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    useful. thanks alot

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