Reading sub skills

1. Basic reference and information-finding skills [e.g. title, using contents page, index. footnotes, bibliography, chapter headings and sub-headings, chapter summaries]

2. Deducing meaning and use of unfamiliar lexical items through understanding word formation and contextual clues

3. Understanding grammatical [syntactic and morphological] relationships at the sentence level

4. Understanding relationships between parts of text through cohesive devices [especially grammatical cohesion such as noun-pronoun reference]

5. Understanding relationships between parts of text through discourse markers [especially for introduction, development, transition and conclusion of ideas]

6. Understanding communicative functions of sentences with and without specific markers [e.g. definition and exemplification]

7. Understanding conceptual meaning in text [e.g. comparison, cause & effect, audience & purpose]

8. Understanding explicitly stated ideas and information in text

9. Understanding ideas and information in a text which are not explicitly stated

10. Separating essential and non-essential content in text: distinguishing main idea from supporting detail [e.g. fact & opinion, statement & example, proposition & argument]

11. Transferring information or knowledge from one context to another [e.g. from science to engineering]

12. Skimming text [surveying to obtain gist]

13. Scanning text [reading for specific detail]

14. Note-making from text

  • Extracting salient points for summary of specific idea or topic in text
  • Selectively extracting relevant and related points from text for summary
  • Reducing text by rejection of redundant or irrelevant items or information
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  1. uyen
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    Thanks for this entry. I’m using it to teach reading skills to my students..

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