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Part 3c Duende

The flamenco singer, Manuel Torre (1909-1933), a man who was completely illiterate was eulogized by Federico Garcia Lorca as having a greater and more important culture in the blood. Torre had his own theory on what is known as “duende”. He is reported to have said to a singer: “tu tienes vos, tu sabes los […]

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Part 3b Voice type in flamenco

The quality of voice is of supreme importance in flamenco as it can imbue flamenco with one of its most important elements: “el quejio”. “El quejio” is perhaps best translated as a “cry of desperation” and often said to be one of the basic elements of the ”cante jondo”, that is, those palos which are […]

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Part 3a Characteristics of Cante Flamenco

There are perhaps two things which immediately seem to come to people’s minds on the first hearing of flamenco: unusual melodic lines and the timbre of the singer’s voice. The crystalline tone developed and favoured in the conservatory or in many types of popular music is not usually the type of voice favoured in flamenco.
Due […]

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One of the first sites that I created was a photo gallery with commentaries in Spanish to show my friends and colleagues in Latin speaking countries what I had been up to.
Recently I learned that a colleague from the University where I work will be going to Baku, so I thought that I would put […]

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