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The photo you can see on the right is of an Eladio Fernandez guitar. Restauration story can be found here. Used with permission.

Who's Behind Flamenco guitar?

Hello! My name is Miguel Bengoa. This site is intended to be a resource about flamenco and especially flamenco guitar.

I am currently very interested in the "how to play" rather than "what to play and much of the site focuses on practise strategies and technique rather than falsetas to learn. This follows a diagnosis of Task Specific Focal Dystonia has severely inhibited any progress for several years. In fact my paying deteriorated to the point that I could nıot play the simplest of things.

This has caused me to examine in extreme detail how I go about playing and what happens when I play. Not only is the retraining chaning my approach to the guitar, it is also changing my approach to life! But change is slow...

I studied with Gabriel Cabrera (Málaga) and Dani Morena (San Fernando) and more recently with Joaquin Farias (Sevilla).

Returning to the UK to finish my Hispanic Studies Degree at Sheffield University, I won the “Musician in Residence” (Yorkshire and Humberside Arts Council) and a place in Yehudi Mehenuin’s “Live Music Now!” helped me to cut my teeth in performance in the UK.